April 2020

Dear Pioneer Families,

As we move forward, you will hear many messages reiterated and communicated and that is for essential and key reasons. As we as a district figure out how to operate around the state level recommendations and mandates to ensure public health and safety with our current situation, many items will begin to unfold for our children, families and community stakeholders.

At this time, many staff members are collaborating and working virtually, we are starting to figure out how our systems will work over the next five and a half weeks with a goal return date of April 27, 2020.

How can my kids get nutritious meals while we are out of school?

  • At this time, the Pioneer SD has set up a system to provide breakfast and lunch sack meals to any child that is under 18 years of age. Service times for these meals will occur between 9:00 am and 9:45 am, Monday through Friday. This is a drive-through format at Pioneer Elementary School. Families are asked to drive to the front of the elementary school and to have their children with them and sack meals will be handed to them while in the vehicle. We will monitor the distribution of these meals, so please get the word out to other families of these meal opportunities.

Will the district be providing child care options for those that are first responders or healthcare givers that have that need?

  • At this time, the district leadership team is working to identify families with those needs and how to coordinate those services as we move forward. More information will come out in the near future as those needs are identified and plans are established to our community.

How and what will it look like to engage my child in learning while at home during this time?

  • We know that this can look different and be difficult in regards to providing opportunities to engage our students in learning while at home as not all families have equal access to resources such as technology and the internet to access the internet. Teachers are working to identify a way to provide resources, tips, suggestions to engage your child at home during this time with the goal and intent to provide guidance to keep learning in creative ways as well as provide resources that are can be accessed via the internet to keep the learning going. This learning will be ways to engage and reinforce critical thinking skills that have already been learned and not new learning that will be graded or expected in any way.

  • For those of you that have the ability to access online resources, the PSD has posted links to sites of various platforms that you could use to have your children practice skills while at home. The link to the PSD of this is at https://psd402.org/for_parents/activities

  • Some other resource and ideas for families to access and facilitate the continued practice and engagement of learning include:

More clarity will come as leadership works with staff to navigate these times and continue to provide direction and guidance on how to operate during these times. Please take time as families to communicate and spend time with each other during these times. Some great resources shared for having those conversations with your families and kids are being provided. Here are some of those resources: