October 2019


 Welcome, Pioneer families,

October flew by with a blink of an eye. October is usually a busy month as there are many events occurring such as our Fall student-led conferences. October usually represents that big dip in the year where we are all busy as we head into the holiday season and communication is the key.

Conferences were a success and I want to thank all those that took the time to come in and touch base with your child's teachers. This is an important and key aspect as this helps provide open communication on how your child is progressing this year as we come to the end of the first grading term which occurs on November 27, 2019. Although we did not hit our 100% attendance goal for conferences, we did have some highlights as well as some areas of focus for next year.

     > 6th-grade conference attendance: 94.4%

     > 7th-grade conference attendance: 91.5%

     > 8th-grade conference attendance: 78.3%

Overall conference attendance: 88.4%

Along with conference attendance, it is important that our students attend as much as possible and that is why attendance is one of our school improvement goals for this year. Our goal is to achieve at least a 93% average attendance rate this year and are implementing several action steps to help achieve that. Some of these include regular communication on the importance of attendance, ensuring communication home vial phone or email on absences and implementing attendance contracts and referrals to our community truancy board for students identified as chronically absent or having at least five unexcused absences for the year. We would like to share our current progress as of through the Month of October on our current attendance rates.

     >6th-grade attendance: 94.2%

     >7th-grade attendance: 92.3%

     >8th-grade attendance: 91.9%

What can you do?
     >Regularly check Skyward on your child's attendance.
     >Contact the school and communicate to excuse absences.
     >Ensure that your child is attending school unless for a medical or emergency situation.

As we focus on attendance, we want to continue working on creating a positive culture and climate and therefore one of our yearly school goals includes the implementation of PBIS or positive behaviors intervention and supports to teach, model and reinforce appropriate school-based behaviors so that at least 80% of our students fall under what is considered tier 1. This is any student that earns no more than one office discipline referral for the school year.

>     2019-2020 school year tier one: 88.19%

What can you do?
> Have conversations with your child about appropriate and positive behaviors at school.
> Reinforce positive behaviors at home with rewards or consequence systems.
> Maintain positive contact and communication with your child's teachers and school.

As we Enter the month of November, please help us work with you and your children to make sure we are doing everything we can to meet your child's needs. Not only do we want to work towards meeting your child's academic needs and help them make progress towards mastery in the core subjects, but we want to make sure we are creating an experience that meets the needs of the whole child.

Thank you,

Joshua Stoney
Pioneer Middle School