Principal's Message

Mr. Stoney

Dear Pioneer Middle School Families,

As summer comes and goes with the light of the 2020-2021 tunnel draws nears, I want to welcome you all as we work together to navigate the start of the school year. Ending last year in a global pandemic that continues this day has brought many challenges and barriers for us all as we reflect upon and look forward to the future as well. The one thing I will say is how proud of my staff, students, and families for coming together in crisis and emergency. We came together to try and put together an emergency remote learning plan to ensure that learning and connection occurred for all of our Pioneer MS families.

As we all know, there is no set textbook or plan to draw upon in this situation; As all other schools are doing, we are drawing upon guidance and using data and feedback from a variety of resources in determining our general plans. We create and plan a detailed infrastructure that drives that plan to success. We have worked very hard over this summer, creating stakeholder committee groups of staff, parents, admin, and community individuals. These committees provided guidance, suggestions, feedback, and ideas to help us make the safest and most appropriate decision in what Fall will look like and how to build that system for our kids and families. The Pioneer board and district has decided that for the Fall of 2020, we will be opening in a fully remote learning system. This decision by no means, a simple. This decision was analyzed and filtered through with many eyes with the goals of health and safety for all students and staff. With this decision clear, we continue to plan and refine our remote learning systems to be more robust and extensive to generate the best learning situation possible for kids, staff, and families alike.

The district will continue to work hard in planning and communicating these systems and expectations for the district staff, students, and families. As we outline and deliver our plans and systems, we also need to look at the big picture and the goals of what we want to achieve and provide for our kids. For that reason, this is why that we will prioritize and refine our remote learning systems for our families as well as find the time to continue the work on some of our overall school-wide goals and priorities, whether in a remote, hybrid, or fully face-to-face learning environment. Some of these focuses and initiatives focus on our values and believes that we have developed as middle school staff and communities over the past several years. At Pioneer Middle School, we have several driving values and belief statements served from those values.

Our values at Pioneer MS include:

1. The whole child
2. Growth mindset
3. Rigor and Relevance
4. Positive learning environment
5. Consistency
6. Support for all
7. Self-actualization
8. Taking risks

Our driving belief statements at Pioneer MS include:

We believe in providing opportunities and encouraging students to explore and develop students' skills to empower them to be academically and socially mindful.
We believe in ensuring all students have consistent and appropriate opportunities for success by providing consistency and fidelity across all grades, classrooms, and students.
We believe in supporting the shared responsibility of staff, students, and families of a safe and caring culture that contributes to the physical and emotional environment.
We believe in establishing a culture that encourages the fun of learning through relevancy, rigor, and resilience through a growth mindset in and out of the classroom.
We believe in ensuring culture and climate that supports the learning process encouraging perseverance and effort growth towards mastery.
We believe in providing meaningful and effective explicit instruction based on the knowledge of our students' backgrounds, learning styles, and individual needs.

How do we support our mission and vision of providing "high levels of learning...every child, every day" with these core values and belief statements? We do so by focusing on, establishing, and refining our school-wide initiatives to move us closer to this every day. Our key initiatives and vehicles for driving us to our goals include:

Instruction: Providing the most sound and research-based instructional practices and strategies through AVID (advancement via individual determination) by ensuring students learn, exercise, and implement skills in writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.

Culture: Establishing and supporting a positive culture and climate-driven and built upon a framework of practice in PBIS (positive behavior interventions and systems), social justice through restorative justice, and trauma-informed practices.

Leadership: Establishing and utilizing a robust, shared, and collaborative leadership process among staff to continuously develop and refine our school-wide initiatives.

Systems: Establsiign and refining systems build to analyze our school-wide systems through a research-based system fo continuous improvement of planning, studying, implementing, and adjusting. (plan, study, act do)

Together as a team made up of staff, students, families, and community, we will continue to work together in this process to ensure we are providing the best education for all students at Pioneer. I know this year will bring us challenges, but I also know we will work hard and soundly together to meet those challenges and grow together for our kids. We will move forward along, and I look forward to the great things that will continue to come out of Pioneer for our kids, for our staff, our families, and our community.

We are Eagles!

Joshua Stoney

Pioneer Middle School